Use of the Jacuzzi

There are several basic rules:

  • It is ideal to consume food at least two hours before bathing in the jacuzzi.
  • The ideal temperature of water in the jacuzzi is the temperature of the human body. The temperature of water should not exceed 37 ° C. Due to this fact, pregnant women can also enjoy relaxing effects. To achieve the stimulating and revitalizing effect of the hydromassage, set the temperature of water in the jacuzzi 1-2 ° C below body temperature.
  • The more you mitigate the temperature, the more relaxing the hydromassage effect is. This primarily affects your calm sleep.
  • Even with a 15-minute stay in the Jacuzzi, the content of oxygen in your blood will rise by approximately 10%. Bathing time depends on the user, but it is also necessary to take into account the current health condition.
  • If you spend a longer time in the jacuzzi, be careful when you get out. During a longer stay, it may cause excessive muscle relaxation.

After the bath, lie outside the jacuzzi for about 10 minutes in calm to get the beneficial effects of the hydromassage.

Jacuzzi benefits from the positive effects of water and underwater massage. The mere stay in the whirlpool significantly influences breathing, the function of endocrine glands and emit energy for the vascular system and metabolism. Furthermore, the aquatic environment regulates the functions of the central, peripheral and vegetative nerves through the blood circulation.