Saunas world

Visiting the sauna brings the physical and mental powers into balance and draws us back to nature by the action of energy, the smell of wood and fragrant essences.

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Single <br> entry


Single entrance for 120 minutes in sauna world. Towels and sheets are included with single entrance.

Time : 10:00-14:00
Price: 290 CZK
Time : 14:00-22:00
Price: 350 CZK

Membership <br>entry


The customer receives 10 entries to the sauna world, including 2 FREE entries. The customer can visit the sauna world at any time.

10 entries + 2 FREE entries
Price: 3.500 CZK

The sauna world <br> rental

The sauna world

The Sauna world rental for 120 min. for up to 20 people. The towel and the sheet are parts of the single entry.

Time: 120 min.
Price: 7.500 CZK


Satori spa

Finnish sauna
Finnish sauna offers relaxation at high temperature of up to 100°C. Thanks to the high temperature inside and big amount of stones in the stove, you can pour water from the sauna bucket. As a pleasant bonus, water can be enriched with different aromas.

Bio-aromatic sauna
The main attraction of the bio-aromatic sauna is aroma and higher humidity. The aroma changes constantly and adapts to the needs of the client, who can feel as if they are in a rain forest. With a steamer, the humidity can reach 80%.

Dry Finnish sauna
A Finnish sauna room is fully panelled with cedar wood, which generates a specific aroma. It’s a dry type of sauna with temperature maximum 110°C. The humidity is almost zero and here water should not be poured on the stove. Due to this, the muscles are heated more intensively that leads to faster elimination of.

Relaxační místnost
V naší relaxační najdete polohovací lehátka, ale především dehcberoucí akvária včetně stěny plné rostlin. Atmosféru doplňují hořící svíčky.

Stream bath
A steam bath uses the same effects of heat as does a classic “dry” sauna. The temperature, however, is lower, at around 40 to 50°C and the humidity can reach 100%. It is, in fact, the humid heat that has many positive effects on the organism.

Župan & jednorázové papuče
Přímo na recepci si můžete za menší poplatek zapůjčit župan nebo zakoupit jednorázové papuče, které vám zpříjemní čas v saunovém světě.

With a sauna, we can establish a positive relationship not only with nature and relaxation, but also with physical activities.

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