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Our club focuses on rest and relaxation, so just forget about the surrounding world and plunge into ours. Put down all the worries and duties, find time for yourself. We will take care of you even better than of ourselves.

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Price: according to the offer

Affordable package <br>of 5 massages

Affordable package
of 5 massages

Take advantage of our affordable massage offer and let your body relax. This package includes 5 massages and we will leave the choice of the body part and type of massage on you.

Time : 65 min.
Price: 5.990 CZK

Limited edition <br> monthly membership

Limited edition
monthly membership

Unlimited access to sauna world with many other benefits in all our spa.

Time: unlimited
Price: 4.900 CZK



ServiceDurationFor individuals
For individuals
For Couples
Partial massage30 min.690 CZK790 CZK1.590 CZK
Breuss's massage65 min.1.290 CZK1.390 CZK2.490 CZK
Relax massage65 min.1.290 CZK1.390 CZK2.490 CZK
Reflexology foot massage65 min.1.290 CZK1.390 CZK2.490 CZK
Hot stones massage65 min.1.290 CZK1.390 CZK2.490 CZK
Sport massage65 min.1.290 CZK1.390 CZK2.490 CZK
Lymphatic massage65 min.1.290 CZK1.390 CZK2.490 CZK


ServiceDurationFor IndividualsFor Couples
Levander Paradise105 min.2.990 CZK4.990 CZK
Southern Seas Dream105 min.2.990 CZK4.990 CZK
Rose Dream120 min.3.190 CZK5.190 CZK

Sauna worlds

Single entry 10:00 - 14:00hod120 min.290 CZK
Single entry 14:00 - 22:00hod120 min.350 CZK
10 entries + 2 FREE120 min.3.500 CZK
The sauna world rental120 min.7.500 CZK

Private jacuzzi

Standard50 min.1.290 CZK
Premium80 min.1.490 CZK
De luxe80 min.1.890 CZK

Extra services

Disposable slippers30 CZK
Bathrobe rental50 CZK
Paraffin hand wrap30 min.340 CZK
Paraffin wrap25 min.690 CZK
Peat wrap25 min.690 CZK
Affordable package of 5 massages55 min.5.990 CZK
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