Southern Seas Dream

The ideal combination of several treatments. The ritual starts with Cleopatra’s bath that lightens and refreshes your skin. Then follows a massage with aromatic or organic coconut oil, reminiscent of tropical landscapes and in the end is added a single-use paraffin wrap that contains up to 30% of virgin coconut oil, that softens and relaxes your skin.

Cleopatra bath

Duration: 20 min.

The oil with fresh fragrance of sunny beaches is made from high-quality natural plant extracts and exclusive coconut oil. Due to the high content of natural skin care oils, the client enjoys the pleasures that allegedly Egyptian Queen experienced several times a day.


Massage with coconut/mint aroma oil

Duration: 65 min.

Let transfer yourself into tropical landscapes with our luxurious massage oil. You get a holiday-like feeling with a true exotic coconut and mint aroma pleasure. Highly intensive coconut oil and full of vitamins coconut extract soothe your skin and are excellent elements in skin care.

Single-Use paraffin coconut wrap

Duration: 20 min.

Single-use paraffin wrap „Paraffin Wax “contains 30% of pure virgin coconut oil. It is suitable for dry and sensitive skin care. Coconut oil hydrates dry and sensitive skin and provides optimal care. It contains antioxidants, prevents skin aging, hydrates and regenerates.

Total ritual time: 105 min.
Ritual price for individuals: 2.990 CZK
Ritual price for couples: 4.990 CZK