Levander Paradise

Ritual Lavender Paradise combine several pleasant things at once. We will pamper your feet with the original peeling that will change your legs and feet significantly, then you will pleasantly relax with a reflex foot massage. When you rest, your feet will receive a special mask that will make your feet beautiful and nourished for some time.


Duration: 20 min.

As the first step of the ritual, you soak your feet in a warm bath, warm them in the hot water wash-tub with the addition of oil flavour. Next step is first-rate peeling with sea salt. As part of the treatment, we remove the dry and horny skin on the feet.

Satori spa


Duration: 65 min.

It is a treatment method that goes into the depth of a health problem and removes not only symptoms but also the cause of problem. Foot Reflexology is an old method based on the knowledge that there are many points on your feet.


Duration: 20 min.

Lavender mask for feet is refreshing and relaxing, it calms feelings of overheating and tired legs, delivering an instant refreshing and relieving effect for relaxed and light feet.

It pleasantly refreshes the feet after the previous procedure. It relieves the “heavy feet” and gives a feeling of refreshment. It nourishes the feet, softens the heels and the skin.

Total ritual time: 105 min.
Ritual price for individuals: 2.990 CZK
Ritual price for couples: 4.990 CZK