Take advantage of our massage offer and let your body relax or relieve pain quickly. We will leave the opportunity to choose the body part and type of massage on you, or possibly our masseur will help you to remove the problem in the chosen body part.

Consultation with the masseur

Duration: 3 min.

Every new client need to fill form of contraindications, so our massage therapist knows what to focuse for. The massage therapist will go through it with you to get the best result possible. After that she explain what is about to happen, let you choose what kind of oil you would like and also you will get unlimited water with lemon (to stay hydrated is very important).

Partial massage to measure

Duration: 30 min.

Partial massages allow you to choose a classic massage, that is used to treat the diseases of musculoskeletal system, for example, to relieve pain or to relax the back muscles or legs after intensive training. Also, you can choose reflexology massage, that unlike classic massage affects the nervous system deep in your body. This leads to reflex processes and changes in the internal organs, so thus it causes changes in the body surface.

Masseur’s recommendation

Duration: 2 min.

At the end of your massage the massage therapist will tell you what massage would bet he best and most effective for you next time, also might recomand you some supplements or some stretching. The frequency of massage should be at least once or twice per month.

OUR TIP:Affordable package of 5 massages

Duration: 65 min.

Take advantage of our affordable massage offer and let your body relax. This package includes 5 massages and we will leave the choice of the body part and type of massage on you.

Duration: 30 min.
Price 10:00-14:00: 690 CZK
Price 14:00-20:00: 790 CZK