Indulge yourself with undisturbed relaxation accompanied with a full body massage. The special bath will help you to eliminate stress, relieve joint pain and back pain, regenerate muscles and improve blood circulation.

Maximum capacity is for 4 people.

satori spa

Indulge your dear heart soul with unforgettable experience full of joy!

Relaxing in the whirlpool makes you feel closer, and also has beneficial effects on muscles, joints, skin health and cellulite reduction. The skin cells are saturated with oxygen, the skin structure and its colour improve. Whirling jets massage our tired body, fragrant essences help relax your mind and evoke good mood. Hydromassage baths, whirlpools benefit from the positive effects of water and underwater massage. The mere stay in the whirlpool significantly influences breathing, the function of endocrine glands and emit energy for the vascular system and metabolism.

Unique MILK O2, what effect does it have?

This innovation improves water, increases oxygen share in 100% pure water without additives. It optimally moisturizes the skin and prevents it from drying out. Bathing in our water enriched with oxygen will make you feel younger and more energetic than ever. Oxygen fights free radicals in the skin that are responsible for aging. It triggers the collagen production, that strengthens the skin and thus skin regains its youthful appearance, skin becomes smoother and softer.

If you wish beautiful, shining and clean skin, you need to try MILK O2 treatment.

Duration: 50 min.
Price: 1.290 CZK