Sauna World

In the Sauna World, you can relax in several heated rooms under the same roof. In this unique luxury wellness centre, you can enjoy not only Sauna World, but also massages or a private Jacuzzi.

How to use the sauna

The sauna as such is intended to “improve the spirit and strengthen the body.” This means that it should be non-violent and bring pleasant feelings and relaxation. The sauna process is usually divided into three stages:

1. Heating

  • It should last 10 to 15 minutes. The heating should be pleasant.
  • When you enter the sauna, your body should be dry. Don’t let in too much air when you walk in, and find a good place.
  • The recommended position is sitting or lying, if there is enough room.
  • Bear in mind that the temperature is higher on the top benches, so, if you’re a beginner, stay rather on the lower benches.
  • You can sit or lie naked on a sheet or, if you prefer to keep your privacy, you can wrap yourself with the sheet.
  • Children should keep to the lower benches and stay for a shorter time.

2. Cooling

  • Cooling the body after heating in the sauna is an essential part of the procedure and can be done in different ways: with a shower or a tub.
  • Before jumping into the cooling pool, you should shower with lukewarm or cold water, for hygienic reasons and this will also prepare you better for the change in temperature.
  • Don’t forget to cool your head to prevent heat-stroke.
  • Gradual cooling produces a very pleasant sensation.

3. Relax and refreshments

  • Cooling should be followed by relaxation. The body needs to cope with the change in temperature to be ready for the next sauna round.
  • For a pleasant moment of relaxation, you can use the indoor or outdoor rooms or the loungers, while the sound of relax music or total silence create the proper atmosphere.
  • Do not forget to hydrate yourself!
  • You can get refreshments at the sauna bars, where we can prepare light snacks, fresh juices or tea.

While in the sauna, consider the privacy and quiet of the other people, be quiet and don’t talk loudly. Be considerate of the other visitors and especially: Enjoy yourself!

We call this process the sauna wheel, and we recommend repeating it three or four times, if you feel like it.

Sauna etiquette

  • When you arrive, wash yourself with soap and dry thoroughly.
  • Respect the privacy and relaxation of the other clients.
  • Be quiet and refrain from talking loudly.
  • Before entering the sauna, wipe the water from your body to avoid generating unnecessary humidity.
  • Enter the sauna without swim or foot-ware. You can put your swim and foot-ware in the boxes prepared for that purpose.
  • In the sauna, sit on a sheet or wrap yourself with a towel or sheet.
  • Do not let in too much air, don’t stay at the door longer than necessary.
  • If you bring children, see that they behave properly, in a way that won’t disturb other visitors.
  • Be considerate to other visitors, keep space for them so they can also enjoy the pleasures of the sauna.
  • Sit if there are more people.
  • In the silent zones avoid talking, they are for people who want quiet.


  • Ideally, you should use the sauna once to four times a week, depending on your needs and mood.
  • Avoid going to the sauna hungry or after eating too much.
  • Don’t forget to hydrate while and after using the sauna.

What are the silent zones

They are clearly marked outside and inside. They are for relaxing in a quieter environment with low or no music. In these areas, it’s forbidden to talk. Kindly keep quiet in these zones.

Sauna across the seasons


In the cold months, the sauna is especially good to warm up and to strengthen the organism, which improves immunity, making it more resistant to disease. Sweating rids the body of toxins, while the heat opens up the sinuses, warms up the frozen organism and helps it get stronger.


In the spring and autumn, the sauna helps the organism to get used to the changes in the weather. It cleanses the body after winter—a spring clean— while in autumn, it strengthens the organism, slowly preparing it for the coming winter.


It may seem a paradox, but in summer the sauna helps stabilise and strengthen our body’s temperature regulation system. After spending a short time in the sauna room, the body sweats enough, without overheating and a cool shower or an ice-cold pool will pleasantly refresh you, making you more resistant to extreme temperatures. When you cool your body (better with lukewarm to cold water), you stop sweating. When you go outside after the sauna, you’ll feel great regardless of the high temperature in the air. During summer, the sauna pools and ponds are chilled.

Sauna accessories and cosmetics

Special sauna brushes, washcloths and sponges help open the pores and wash out the dirt from the skin. A gentle massage on the skin helps the body warm evenly, with better blood circulation to the skin and sweat excretion, improving the function of the lymphatic system. You can make your visit to the sauna or steam bath more interesting with special cosmetics like peeling salts and honeys, to enhance the effects. The sauna accessories and cosmetics are available at the reception.