Sauna rules

Entering the sauna world, you have an opportunity to relax in several warming rooms under one roof. In this unique luxury wellness, you can enjoy not only the sauna world, but also the massages or the private whirlpool.

How to visit sauna

Visiting the sauna is primarily intended “raising the spirit and strengthening the body”. This means that it should be non-forcibly, and it should evoke pleasant feelings and calmness. In general, the process of visiting the sauna can be divided into three phases:

1.Warming up

  • The recommended time in the sauna is 10-15 minutes. Warming up should still be pleasant.
  • Your body should be dry when you enter the sauna. Entering the sauna, do not ventilate too much and find a suitable place.
  • The recommended position in the sauna is sitting or lying positions if there is free room in the sauna (fewer people).
  • Keep in mind that there is always the highest temperature on the top bench. If you start visiting the sauna, chose the lower bench.
  • You can stay naked in the sauna on a bed sheet, or you can comfortably wrap yourself in your bed sheet and keep your intimacy.
  • For children we recommend lower benches and shorter time spending in the sauna


  • Cooling the body after warming up in the sauna is an essential part of the visiting the sauna and it is carried out in different ways – you can cool down in the shower or using the pail.
  • Before entering the pool, for hygienic reasons, you should use a shower with cool or cold water. At the same time, thanks to the shower, you would be better prepared for temperature change.
  • Cooling down, make sure you cool the head too in order to avoid overheating.
  • Gradual cooling evokes pleasant feelings.

3.Relaxation and refreshments

  • After the warmed-up body has cooled down, the calm mode should begin. It is important for the body to cope with the temperature change and calm down before the next sauna process.
  • For moments of relax, use the indoor or outdoor relaxation room or outdoor sun loungers and seating area. Relaxing music tones or complete silence complement the true atmosphere of relaxation.
  • You should not forget about drinking to avoid dehydration.
  • You can refresh yourself at the sauna bar, where we can prepare for you light snacks, fresh juices or tea.

During the sauna process, it is appropriate to take care of the privacy, intimacy and relaxation of others, so that keep quiet and reduce loud talks. Please be considerate to other visitors and first of all: Enjoy it!

We call this whole process a sauna circle and advice you to repeat it 3 or 4 times according to your will and mood.

Sauna etiquette

  • Before entering the wellness, wash with soap and dry thoroughly.
  • Respect the privacy, intimacy and relaxation of other people in saunas.
  • Behave yourself in wellness quietly and reduce loud talks.
  • Before entering the sauna, wipe water from your body surface to avoid unwanted humidity creation in the sauna.
  • It is essential to enter the sauna without shoes and swimsuit. Keep your swimsuits in boxes and leave your slippers in front of the sauna door.
  • Use the bed sheet in the sauna to sit on it or wrap yourself in a towel or bed sheet.
  • Do not ventilate unnecessarily in the sauna. Be in the door area only at the moment of entrance and quit.
  • If you visit the sauna with children, ensure their quiet behaviour so that they do not disturb other sauna visitors.
  • Be considerate to other visitors and share a place in the sauna with them so they could enjoy the pleasantry of the sauna.
  • If there are more people in the sauna, use the sitting position.
  • Keep calm and quiet in the silent zones. It is prohibited to talk in silent zones, they are meant for everyone who needs peace.

Sauna recommendations

  • It is ideal to visit the sauna 1 or 4 times a week, according to your needs and mood.
  • You should not be hungry before visiting the sauna, or overeaten.
  • Do not forget to refill liquids during the visiting the sauna and even after leaving the sauna.

What is silent zone?

It is visibly marked rooms from outside and inside the room. It serves to relax in a quieter and more subdued environment with no or calm music. It is prohibited to talk in the quiet saunas and rest rooms. Please keep calm and be quiet in these zones.

Visiting the sauna in different season of the year


In freezing months, visiting the sauna is especially suitable for warming and hardening the body, the human body becomes more resistant to diseases and immunity strengthens. Due to perspiration, toxic substances leave the body, heat can release clogged pores, warm up the frozen organism and teach it hardening.

Spring/ autumn

Visiting the sauna in the spring or autumn helps to adapt the organism to weather changes. In the spring, the body detoxifies after the winter, spring cleansing takes place. In the autumn, the sauna helps to harden organism, that we slowly prepare for the coming winter.


Perhaps it is paradoxical, but visiting the sauna in the summer helps to stabilize and strengthen the body’s thermoregulation system. Due to the short time in the sauna cabin, the body sweats sufficiently without over-warming. Subsequent refreshment in a cold shower and an ice pool will pleasantly cool people and increase their resistance to extreme temperatures. After cooling the body, preferably with cool or cold water, you are no longer sweating. Outside, you will feel really wonderful after the sauna, regardless of the warm weather. Sauna pools are also cooled in summer.

Sauna accessories and cosmetics

Special sauna brushes, body scrubbers and sponges help open the skin pores and wash away dirt from the skin. The gentle massage of the skin accelerates even warming of the whole body, stronger blood circulation of the skin and excretion of sweat and thus improve the function of the blood and lymphatic system. Staying in steam baths and in private saunas can be enriched by special cosmetics in the form of peeling salts and honeys designed to enhance the effects of the sauna. Sauna cosmetics and accessories can be purchased at our reception.