Peat wrap

Peat wraps are excellent to treat back and joint aches.

They improve the tone of the epidermis, warm and relax the muscle and connecting tissue, which greatly improves the effects of physiotherapy and massage.

The single peat wraps are a more economic alternative. They are applied for 15 to 20 minutes only on the affected area together with a heating agent with a temperature of about 60°C. The wraps consist of a 3 to 4 mm peat layers between two films, one of which is a permeable fabric – vlies. The vlies is applied directly to the patient, with the heating agent, warmed up in hot water to keep the temperature of the wrap, on the other side. The heat is released gradually, preventing a thermal shock. The client doesn’t get dirty from the peat, and if there is a bit of dirt, it can easily be cleaned with a tissue. We recommend applying the peat wrap once a day. It’s single-use and hygienic.

Thermophysical effect

One of the main effects of the peat is its thermal qualities. The thermal inertia of peat is 1.5 times longer than water’s. This contributes to a pronounced, deep-acting effect that increases the local blood supply as a complex reaction. The peat is specially treated to increase its thermal inertia by 20%.

Biochemical effect

The peat also contains humic acids, a product of the humification process. It’s also a peloid and contains a lot of mineral and organic substances.

What are peat wraps used for:

  • joint and spine aches
  • subacute and chronic conditions of rheumatic and traumatic origin
  • arthrosis
  • muscle contractions
  • cellulite, obesity
  • to increase local blood supply
  • diseases of the locomotor system of degenerative and traumatic origin
  • circulatory, metabolic, nerve and gynecological diseases


  • feverish and infectious diseases
  • acute urinary tract inflammation
  • severe heart and circulatory disease
  • pregnancy (when applied along the spine)
  • heavier inflammatory and other acute skin diseases
  • highly inflammatory rheumatism
  • allergy to the contents of the wrap
  • skin injuries and infections, bleeding
  • swelling, hypersensitivity to heat

Duration: 20 minutes

Price: 690 CZK