Paraffin wraps

A paraffin wrap is a very pleasant and effective procedure that warms, hydrates and improves the blood circulation of the treated area.

Paraffin wraps are good for the nervous system and small joints. The heat enlarges the blood vessels, improving the blood circulation of the skin and contributing to the regeneration of muscle spasms. The procedure greatly restores the hands and, naturally, has a wonderful cosmetic effect. The hands end up smooth and silky.

Effect of the paraffin wraps on the hands:

  • improves the blood circulation to the kind
  • loosens muscles and joints
  • softens the skin
  • smooth and relaxed hands
  • pleasantly warmed skin
  • nourished and strengthened nails

What can you expect?

You put your hands in a bowl with warm wax and take them out after a few seconds. This process is repeated three times to get the full effect of the paraffin. The resulting paraffin layer is wrapped in plastic and then in thermal fabric. At the end of the procedure, the paraffin layer is carefully peeled-off and you see the results with your own eyes.

Duration: 30 minutes

Price: 340 CZK